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Updated 10/04/12

Our Mission WAS:
To provide the Pinball Community with parts and kits that are unique or not easily obtained elsewhere. We will do this by assembling kits and special projects that are unique to the world of pinball. And provide them at the lowest cost possible.

UPDATE 10/04/12:
It's Over. We're done. A guy stole our product name for our Doctor Who Moving Dalek Head and put out a grossly inferior product at a lower price. Having been a collector for 16 years I was appalled. The community supported him. After we ran out of our product, he raised his price by 300%. We had a 2nd product, for Earthshaker, and we don't see a reason to make any more of them in case something like this was to happen again. We wish we could say that we never saw this happen to anyone else, but we have seen other products stolen from their creators as well. It's a bad trend for such a small group of people as the pinball community. We will support our products into the future as best we can and thank the people who supported us over the past 10 years.

Click here for the original Wobble Head manual in .PDF format.

Click here for the original ES Kit manual in .PDF format.

Click here for the 2nd Gen ES Kit manual in .PDF format.

Click here for the 3rd Gen ES Kit manual in .PDF format.